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Welcome to the Windsocks pages.

These highly popular Wind Socks are 5 feet long and fly with the slightest breeze. Click, View, Save and send to your Friends.

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WS-04 Air Force
WS-04-1 $12.99
WS-03 Army
WS-03-1 $12.99
WS-10 Canada
WS-10-1 $12.99
WS-23 Checker
WS-23-1 $12.99
WS-28 Clown
WS-28-1 $12.99
WS-06 Coast Guard
WS-6-1 $12.99
WS-34 Country Farm House
WS-34-1 $12.99
WS-14 Finland
WS-14-1 $12.99
WS-27 Fish
WS-27-1 $12.99
WS-21 Texas
WS-21-1 $12.99
WS-11 Germany
WS-11-1 $12.99
WS-26 Happy Birthday
WS-26-1 $12.99
WS-35 Home Sweet Home
WS-35-1 $12.99
WS-12 Ireland
WS-12-1 $12.99
WS-13 Italy
WS-13-1 $12.99
WS-02 Marine Corps
WS-02-1 $12.99
WS-29 Mermaid
WS-29-1 $12.99
WS-16 Mexico
WS-16-1 $12.99

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