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Welcome to the Marine Corps Collection.

Over 30 US Marine Corps Novelty License Plates and frames to choose from. Periodically check back for new arrivals. Click, View, save and send to your Friends.

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RLM92 D.I. Hat over Crossed Sabers License Plate
RLM92 $13.99
RLM27 Master EOD with Red Background License Plate
RLM27 $13.99
RLM24 MCAS Beaufort Fightertown License Plate
RLM24 $13.99
RLM91 Once a Marine Always a Marine License Plate
RLM91 $13.99
RLM90 Once a Marine Always a Marine License Plate
RLM90 $8.99
RLM23 Weapons and Field Training License Plate
RLM23 $13.99
RLM21 U.S.M.C License Plate
RLM21 $13.99
RLM02A United States Marine License
RLM02A $13.99
RLM05 USMC Aircrew Wings License Plate
RLM05 $13.99
RLFM05 USMC Antique Brass License Plate Frame
RLFM05 $16.99
RLM04 USMC Aviator Wings License Plate
RLM04 $13.99
RLM18 USMC Colonel License Plate
RLM18 $13.99
RLFM06 USMC Dad License Plate Frame
RLFM06 $16.99
RLM40 USMC E.G.A. License Plate
RLM40 $8.99
RLM03 USMC E G A Camouflage License Plate
RLM03 $13.99
RLM02 USMC E G A License Plate
RLM02 $13.99
RLM12 USMC E G A License Plate
RLM12 $13.99
RLM10 USMC E O D License Plate
RLM10 $13.99
RLM07 USMC Flight Officer Wings License Plate
RLM07 $13.99
RLM08 USMC IWO JIMA License Plate
RLM08 $13.99
RLFM01 USMC License Plate Frame
RLFM01 $16.99
RLFM03 USMC Mom License Plate Frame
RLFM03 $16.99
RLM20 USMC Semper Fi License Plate
RLM20 $13.99
RLFM04 USMC Motor Cycle License Plate Frame
RLFM04 $16.99
RLM25 USMC Ordance Wing License Plate
RLM25 $13.99
RLM06 USMC Recon Jump Wings License Plate
RLM06 $13.99
RLM22 USMC Retired License Plate
RLM22 $13.99
RLFM02 USMC Retired License Plate Frame
RLFM02 $16.99

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